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About Cinema Tourism

The Indian media and entertainment industry is dynamic and progressing at a rapid speed with double digit growth. The film industry is an important contributory role to this growth by producing more than 1200 films every year. However with Indian economy now being acknowledged globally as the fastest growing in the world, one of the sectors which must flourish is the tourism industry and the film industry can essay the role of a catalyst to unravel the untapped potentialities of our tourist locales.

Indian films showcase destinations & locations of various countries on the celluloid and their remarkable outreach across the world brings these scenic locales to life for global audiences. They in turn are enchanted by the ethereal beauty and pristine imagery of mountains, lakes, seas, historical monuments, temples, caves and other such tourist spots. This triggers off as a sense of curiosity, craving and temptation in the minds of the audiences to visit these tourist locations and is popular acclaimed worldwide as “Cinema Tourism”.

In essence, Cinema Tourism is a concept which captures and explores the synchronous symmetry & proportionately positive connect between film and tourism industries whereby films depict tourist locations in their full flow, ebb and glory & have a lasting impact & mark on the viewers to virtually drive them to the said destinations thereby spurring a rejuvenation and encouraging progress in the tourism sector.

This phenomenon has been witnessed in a number of Hindi films in particular since the turn of the century and detailed introspective studies & researches have conclusively proven that the tourism sector of the respective locale which was shown prominently in these movies witnessed sustained and radiant growth in the succeeding period post theatrical release. The film and tourism fraternities have also acknowledged the fruitful benefits and advantages of ’Cinema Tourism’ which has paved the way for a long, healthy and mutually conducive relationship between them.