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President's Message

Shibasish Sarkar


We are living in interesting times.

Today a great story, told well does not simply grab your imagination, it takes you in completely, various sensory stimulus permeating through every pore of your consciousness, pumping out every drop of dopamine and filling up coffers of your brains reward system.

Film making is a storyteller medium and today we have a rich armoury of tools which include machine learning protocols, AI writing and visualisation algos, VR & VFX firepower that help make films an immersive experience like none other.

The part about shoots and post too has stepped up in sophistication with virtual productions, cloud services for editing, rendering, transcoding, finishing, and review.

Film marketing deploys big data analysis and neuroscience tools to target consumers with precision.

From the art of cinema to the business of entertainment, things are only getting bigger and better; multiple screens, multiple windows, expansion of foreign territories, the bouget for rights for monetization is ever increasing.

Yet somethings remain unchanged, like affinity to our cultural roots, attachment to our value system, the love for our land and language. Our collective conscience, which make up the central theme of our stories, to create films that tug our heart, bring out a smile, foster love and compassion and kindle hope for an even better tomorrow.

As President, I look forward to collaborating with fellow members and experts from the industry to help navigate issues related to policy and best practices, advocacy of our cause with governments and society at large. Together we will strive to contribute to the economic benefit of our society and do our bit to make our World a better place.