Producers Guild of India

Enhancing the value of cinematic arts

Established - 1954


Eligibility Criterion

Producers need to satisfy the following conditions to qualify for membership of the Guild: - Film Producers must have produced at least one film in the last 2 years OR were in the process of starting a new film within 6 months from the date of the application.

Television content creators should have produced at least one Television programme which must have completed one year of telecast at the time of application.

Digital Content Creators should be actively involved in productions.

Process of Induction

Producers satisfying the eligibility criterion must provide necessary details enlisting the Films or Television programs and Digital Content produced by them/in the pipeline and a brief note on their career in the entertainment industry either by delivering hard copy to the Guild Secretariat’s office or through email to the Chief Executive Officer.

Scrutiny of Applications

The application will be sent by the Guild Secretariat to the concerned Committee which will discuss and analyze & take a final decision on the application which will be binding on everyone and communicated to the Guild Secretariat.

Formal Invitation to join Guild

In case the application is ratified by the Committee, then the Guild Secretariat will formally invite the respective producer as membership of Guild is exclusively by invitation.